Governmental Relations


Regular Legislative Reports are included in our Pipeline Newsletter (subscribe).  Detailed presentations on legislative issues affecting our industry are addressed during the CAIA Fall Meeting each year. 

CAIA represents the interests of the agricultural irrigation industry in Sacramento. With registered lobbyists and regulatory advocates on staff, CAIA constantly monitors legislation, regulations, and regulatory agency actions affecting the industry. These individuals also play a key role in educating legislators and regulatory agency staff and influencing decision-making in California.

CAIA was active in shaping the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) of the 2002 Farm Bill and our representatives currently serve on the Steering Committee for the State Water Management Engineer with the EQIP program. The Irrigation Association, state legislators, the Secretary of State, U.S. Department of Agriculture, California Department of Food & Agriculture and others recognize the CAIA as a professional organization serving the interests of irrigation in California agriculture.

CAIA is also an active member of the Western Agriculture and Conservation Coalition (WACC).  WACC is an alliance of agricultural and conservation interests that develop, support, and advocate federal policies with regard to such issues as water rights, water resource stewardship, water transfers, infrastructure/water storage, and policy incentives.

The support of our members ensures that CAIA will continue to have a voice in Sacramento and a place at the table where decisions that affect your business are made.