Student Opportunities


January 2012.  Recognizing California's community colleges for their valuable vocational programs and work-ready graduates, the CAIA has reached out to those schools offering agricultural programs and welcomes both teachers and students to get involved with CAIA for career opportunities.  CAIA's Chairman of Education, Randy Delenikos, has recently attended the Mid-Year Meeting of their Ag Sciences teachers and their enthusiasm to work with CAIA is significant.  We expect to offer a forum for resume sharing, support of career fair events, potential advisory board participation at selected schools and other activities in the coming year. 

"There appear to be many events and communications that both teachers and CAIA members can share to improve our ability to identify and hire the best graduates available for our industry." says Delenikos.  "In addition, the schools are eager to know more about our industry and its career opportunities for their students, as well as how to improve their curriculum to meet the needs of our industry.  We hope to develop networking opportunities and new features on our website to soon make this program easy and effective for everyone."

Any questions about this program, please contact Randy Delenikos at (559) 289-9342 or e-mail:


CAIA Scholarship Program

The California Agricultural Irrigation Association Scholarship was organized to give aid to students with a desire to pursue a career in the agricultural irrigation industry. Each year, the CAIA Board of Directors will determine the number of scholarships and the award amounts depending on the funds available. Scholarship awards average $1200 for the academic year, disbursed in two installments, one for the fall semester and one for the spring semester.  In addition, scholarship recipients will automatically receive student memberships in CAIA for the duration of their scholarship period.

CAIA Scholarship Application