Partnership with California Community Colleges

Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy.  California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework invests funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to California's economic growth, especially in the area of water, our most precious resource.  Their website is a portal for business, students, and educators looking for information on advocacy and support, training and development, and education and career pathways.  Visit their website at

CAIA Press Release, January 2012.  Recognizing California's community colleges for their valuable vocational programs and work-ready graduates, the CAIA collaborates with those schools offering agricultural programs and welcomes both teachers and students to get involved with CAIA for career opportunities.  CAIA's Chairman of Students Resources, Randy Delenikos, works with Ag Sciences teachers and their enthusiasm to work with CAIA is significant.

"There appear to be many events and communications that both teachers and CAIA members can share to improve our ability to identify and hire the best graduates available for our industry." says Delenikos.  "In addition, the schools are eager to know more about our industry and its career opportunities for their students, as well as how to improve their curriculum to meet the needs of our industry.  We hope to develop networking opportunities and new features on our website to soon make this program easy and effective for everyone."